Training is frequently the first important step toward changing behavior and improving performance. You develop awareness, learn new skills, and frequently set goals and commitments for yourself. Unfortunately, you return to the ‘real world’ and a backlog of priorities and your best intentions can easily evaporate.

What you need is the ability to remind and challenge yourself to remain focused on a few key actions that will help build new habits. What you need is a toolkit to help you keep growing.

Once you complete the Help Them Grow session, you and your team get access to our eGrow System resources. These bite-sized resources allow you to deepen your understanding and practice of key skills that will support your ability to engage in constructive and satisfying career development with your employees. Choose one or all over time so you can continue to help others grow… while you do the same for yourself.

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The eGrow System is

  • Learning that operates at the speed of business
  • Bite-sized and just-in-time
  • A tool to take new skills to the next level
  • Micro-learning that makes sense
  • State-of-the-art follow-up resources